Aryelle Perez

I’ve heard of IV therapy before but have been hesitant to try it. Learning that Elisa Is a certified nurse and worked in the healthcare system before she decided to open Reforma allowed my nerves to calm before booking my first IV. I was out of work with COVID . When I finally tested negative and returned I had a hard time getting back to the swing of things. I had no energy- none. It was mid-week and I just could not get it together, I figured let me try an Immunity IV. I called Elisa and explained what was going on, she was ready to see me that day! We ended up making an appointment for the day after. I went to her businesses and chatted with Elisa my 45 minute drip felt like 15. While she said it may take some time I couldn’t believe it, I felt better that same day. Sometime later I saw her at a community event. She had mini drips set up and I ended up getting The Myers Cocktail. It helped me last throughout the remainder of the event and the weekend that followed it. I look forward to visiting her business again and trying her Fit Drip as I get back to my workout regime. If you’ve wanted to try IV therapy but have been hesitant, I’m telling you Reforma is a game changer. Elisa is personable, knowledgeable, and gentle. Her passion for her business is refreshing to experience!

Erick Garcia

I had a great experience at Reforma, Ms. Elisa is very professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely visit again and highly recommend to others, not just for the benefit of the drip but also for the educational experience.

Tisa Dennard

This was my first IV therapy treatment and Elisa Garcia was amazing. She talked me thru the entire experience and it was quick and within 5-7 mins of the session the effects of the drip were in full effect. Today is day 2 after treatment and I am full of energy and feeling great. I will most definitely REBOOK. Highly recommend

Junieth Tamayo

Elisa is the BEST. knowledgeable and professional! I hate needles and she made the process so smooth , I didn’t feel a pinch. Thank you for your patience and concern. Call her!!! You will not regret it. Already planning another one drip with my husband

Samuel Martinez

Was my first time ever receiving an IV Drip and it was amazing!! A tad bit nervous around needles but Elisa is amazing and a professional at what she does so didn’t feel a thing!! Can’t wait to go back 🙂

AB C – Local Guide

Amazing amazing amazing Elisa not only did an amazing job with the IV therapy but also she gave me a wealth of knowledge and information for my whole healing journey. This service was a Godsend.

Asif Damani

Elisa is very knowledgeable and friendly. Loved meeting her and getting my drip!

House of FaShun

Amazing, patient and very personable, scheduling my appts for the rest of the year.

Swathi Kamaraju

Really nice, doctor was friendly , answered all the questions. Recommend !!

Irina De La Rosa

I had a great experience at Reforma, Ms. Elisa is very professional she knows a lot and she also took the time to explain me thinks I did not know about vitamins. I’m planning to visit her again and I highly recommend this therapy to others.

Veronica Arevalo

(Translated by Google) In Reforma IV Therapy & Med. Spa. I Elisa attended with great kindness, answered all my doubts and treated me with great professionalism. I appreciate your help. I recommend it.

(Original) En Reforma IV Therapy & Med. Spa. Me atendió Elisa con mucha amabilidad contestó todas mis dudas y me atendió con mucho profecinalismo. Agradezco su ayuda. Lo recomiendo.

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