I’ve heard of IV therapy before but have been hesitant to try it. Learning that Elisa
Is a certified nurse and worked in the healthcare system before she decided to open Reforma allowed my nerves to calm before booking my first IV.

I was out of work with COVID . When I finally tested negative and returned I had a hard time getting back to the swing of things. I had no energy- none. It was mid-week and I just could not get it together, I figured let me try an Immunity IV. I called Elisa and explained what was going on, she was ready to see me that day!

We ended up making an appointment for the day after. I went to her businesses and chatted with Elisa my 45 minute drip felt like 15. While she said it may take some time I couldn’t believe it, I felt better that same day.

Sometime later I saw her at a community event. She had mini drips set up and I ended up getting The Myers Cocktail. It helped me last throughout the remainder of the event and the weekend that followed it. I look forward to visiting her business again and trying her Fit Drip as I get back to my workout regime.

If you’ve wanted to try IV therapy but have been hesitant, I’m telling you Reforma is a game changer. Elisa is personable, knowledgeable, and gentle. Her passion for her business is refreshing to experience!

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